UL Classified
(UL 263)

Rated 1 Hour or Less

Profile : 22 Ga Frame and Blades Material

Galvanized Steel

Fusible Standard
Rated Link


Fusible Optional
Rated Link


Fusible Link Type – Standard

Standard Link Attachment(SL)

Fusible Link Type – Optional

Easy Access Attachment (EA)

  • AVI-57 IB

    Available in a Range of Sizes From 4" x 8" x 4"Ø to 16" x 12"Ø
    Enclosure Types
    28Ga Box and Collar Available with 1½" R-6 or 2"R-8 Duct Liner Insulation
    Ceramic Thermal Blanket Provide on Units with Area Greater Than 84 Square Inches
    UL Design
    UL 263 Approved for Use In
    L-587*, L-528, and L-562 Floor/Ceiling
    P-556* and P-533 Roof/Ceiling
    Exclusive Feature
    Approval for Class 0 and 1 Flex-Duct OR Steel Pipe Elbow Connections to
    Achieve Top-Out or Side-Out Configurations
    ONLY UL Tested and Approved Manufacture Offering This Option